Planet Fitness Rebrand

Planet Fitness is a very strong brand with a lot of brand equity, but there are many flaws in how they present themselves to the world. I set out to find what exactly was wrong with their brand through deep research. To begin the project I started by researching every aspect of PF. Everything from voice and tone to color theory. I got to know the brand so well that I knew them inside and out. All of the research is shown in the audit guide. After I pin pointed the mistakes, I started the actual rebrand and changed everything that I could to make the brand more authentic and clear with who they really are and want to be seen.


Research and audit guide

I researched every aspect of Planet Fitness in order to really get into the head space of the employees, the owners, and their demographic, so I could find the flaws and eventually fix them.

audit guide2

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Brand Manual

I am able to take everything that I learned from the research and create a new environment, look and feel to Planet Fitness. I changed the voice and tone and created I comfortable and welcoming gym that new gym comers can go to and feel safe.


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Process notebook