Experimental Photography

These are the photos that I've developed in more experimental ways. These unique processes can make a regular photo more interesting.

Pinhole Camera

I used a blacked out oatmeal container with a tiny hole pocked into it and a piece of photo paper, instead of a camera. I kept the hole covered with tape so the container was light tight. If I wanted to take a photo, I would point at the object, take off the tape for 3 seconds, cover it again and develop the photo paper.


I painted Cyanotype liquid onto a piece of canvas and placed a negative on top of the canvas. I then exposed it to sunlight for ten minutes and rinsed off the excess chemicals. 

Van Dyke Brown

This process was exactly the same as the cyanotype but with a different chemical on poster board paper, but it needed to be done in a dark room because it was extremely light sensitive.